Realspace Management Group Inc.
3790 Victoria Park Ave. Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario M2H 3H7

Toll Free: 1 877 325 7723
T: 416 594 9400
F: 416 594 3271

The Management Team

The Realspace management team consists of four equal partners.  Each partner brings decades of experience and expertise specific to their background, and all four partners consult on every major decision.  Our internal communication strategy is in place to ensure our clients’ satisfaction with every property, every project, every single time.

David Margau, C.A. - President / Partner
David Margau works closely with clients and tenants and oversees the operation of the properties.  David has been with Realspace since its inception in 1992. | read more >

Ruth Holder- Human Resources / Partner
Ruth Holder has over 35 years of real estate experience, having worked for Menkes Development Inc. and Inducon Development Corporation prior to being one of the founding partners of Realspace.| read more >

George Gibb, FAIC, B. Tech. - Operations / Partner
With an Architectural Technology Degree from Ryerson and a career background in architecture and design, George Gibb is responsible for the co-ordination of all physical building
operations. | read more >

Steve Balazic, C.A. - CFO / Partner
As Chief Financial Officer of Realspace, Steve Balazic oversees the accounting department and all financial reporting aspects.  Steve is responsible for providing detailed, punctual and accurate financial reports for all properties.  | read more >